What's Growing?

What's Growing?

Have you ever wondered how I come up with ideas for my jewelry designs? Like most ideas, they start as seeds and grow as they are tended with TLC.

First, the idea
then, a doodle,
then, a real drawing,
and then scooching (jewelry jargon) my handcrafted components, chain, earwires, clasps etc around...

to come up with a design you're going to love and, most importantly, wear over and over again.

So check out what's taking root both in the studio and flower garden:
Ideas for a brand new collection based on my super popular weathered discs.

The weathered discs were first created for an earring design.  You loved them so much, they now feature in several earring designs
And now they are destined to take center stage in a whole collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. See how things just grow?

I love good quotes, so here is one of my favorites, and a timely one too…

"Always, I hope to grow brighter, funnier,
I hope to learn to be even more well-rounded,
But right now, I cannot be any better than I am."
~Maya Angelou

Wherever you are right now, I hope *things* are growing well! Leave a comment below and fill me in


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