Why I love the planet and what I do about it

Why I love the planet and what I do about it

You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world
around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what
kind of a difference you want to make.   
~ Jane Goodall

Did you know… the story of Kristen Mara actually began on a research vessel, far out in the Sargasso Sea?

From the Sargasso Sea to molten metal:
I began my foray into my first decade of real adulthood many moons ago as an environmental marine biologist, doing research on the open seas. Eventually, my first love of being an artist and a creator won out and I left the high seas and my electron microscopes behind.

I did, however, take my ecological passion with me.  

The earth is full of astounding wonder and I believe in treating it with respect and a gentle hand.  As they say, "there is no Planet B," and running Kristen Mara as a socially and ecologically sound business is integral to my work as a designer.

Therefore... at Kristen Mara I am passionately committed to doing my part to protect our beautiful planet.


To lighten my carbon footprint:

  • cast with recycled sterling silver and bronze 
  • source materials only from USA-based, socially responsible partners. One of my biggest suppliers also uses reclaimed silver AND runs their company with solar energy (I think this is awesome!)! 

Further, I carefully choose my vetted partners to ensure that every single component included in your piece of Kristen Mara jewelry - including our packaging - is created by a happy person earning a fair and living wage

Where does recycled silver and bronze come from?

The recycled silver and bronze I use in my casting comes from jewelry industry scrap, electronics manufacturing scrap and from other industries.

Click here to check out one of my best sellers, cast in 100% recycled silver and bronze. 

Still interested in my environmental commitment? Read on!

What is casting grain, and what’s in mine?

Casting grain is tiny pebbles of pure metal. This is what I use to cast my designs, and my casting grain is certified 100% recycled. Recycled silver and bronze is identical to newly mined metals, just more environmentally friendly! 

Because there is no way to test for newly mined metal, I cannot guarantee that zero 'first generation metal,' (metal that comes directly from a mine) is in my casting grain. However, I only source metals from secondary refiners, and secondary refiners do not buy metals directly from mines. They source only from industries selling metal that is reclaimed from manufacturing. Why? Because it’s cheaper.

It is possible but extremely unlikely that newly mined metals get into my casting grain supply because newly mined materials are  purchased by industries other than the jewelry industry.

In fact, for over 60 years, the jewelry industry as a whole uses primarily recycled raw materials.

Happily this is driven primarily by economics so I am very comfortable saying I am casting with 100% recycled metal.

See a favorite earring design cast in 100% recycled silver and bronze here.

I'm proud of my commitment to protect the environment and choose my partners carefully to ensure I'm doing all I can to run an environmentally sensitive studio!

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