Passage | Summer 2021

“Beauty in motion, steadfast nurturing love and new beginnings.”

The timing of my new collection couldn’t be more relevant than right now. Our strength, resilience, and ability to shift, grow and adapt have been tested, internally and globally. Incorporating open teardrops and solid circles, Passage is an exploration of continuity and growth, steadiness and resilience.

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Listen in: my interview on Unleash Your Fire Podcast

Get a BIG peek behind the scenes at Kristen Mara in Unleash Your Fire Podcast, Episode 9: Creating Eco-Conscious Jewelry with Kristen Romans.  

Join me in my conversation with host Mary Phan for stories and insights.  I share the inspirations for my jewelry designs, my business journey and the powerful decision I made to be an eco and socially friendly jewelry brand.

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hand crafted with recycled metals

In my first career I was an Environmental Marine Biologist and my commitment to protecting our environment remains a top priority.  To create eco-conscious jewelry I cast my designs in 100% recycled metals and source materials only from USA-based and socially responsible partners.

I use modern and ancient metalworking techniques and each design may go through many iterations before it has the right balance, feel and expression.

Each piece of Kristen Mara jewelry is created by hand, with integrity.

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