Mixed Metals 101: An Exploration of Beauty in Contrasts

Mixed Metals 101: An Exploration of Beauty in Contrasts

In our lives, we often find beauty intertwined with challenges and gratitude mixed with longing. It's a dance of opposites, much like the blend of bronze and silver metal in my jewelry designs. 

Each mixed metal piece I create is a visual celebration of contrasting elements and life's dualities — such as the joy of family gatherings mingles with the quiet and heartache of an empty nest.

We invite you to explore the Kristen Mara mixed metal collection, where every design tells a story of balance, resilience, and the beauty of coming together.

Radiance Earrings

These eco-friendly mixed metal earrings serve as a gentle nudge towards embracing your inherent radiance. Crafted with a hand-rolled bronze hoop that gracefully revolves within a sterling silver hoop, these earrings offer a refined yet versatile style perfect for daily wear. The cool silver next to the warm bronze make an eye-catching statement.


Eos Drop Earrings

Named after the Greek goddess of dawn, the Eos earrings symbolize new beginnings and personal growth. Each pair celebrates your journey through life’s challenges, and are a reminder to embrace everything with an open heart. More than just an accessory they’re a token of comfort and make a thoughtful gift for yourself or someone you cherish.


Imogen Drop Earrings 

The Imogen Drop earrings are designed with graceful curves and simply elegant lines. The sterling silver pops next to the gold vermeil ear wires making these beauties perfectly suited for every occasion or event. They’re delightful to wear and embody both elegance and comfort.


Rhea Earrings

Adorn yourself with these delicate, feminine mixed metal earrings that embody the serene essence of water. Inspired by Rhea, the goddess of fertility and motherhood, whose name means "flow" and "ease," these earrings encourage you to embrace these qualities in your everyday life. They add a touch of effortless elegance to any outfit and make an ideal gift for yourself or a new or expectant mother.

kristen mara rhea earrings mixed metal chain dangles handcrafted in new england


Artemis Necklace

Adorn yourself with this intricately detailed, mixed-metal necklace, a tribute to the dual nature of beauty—both feminine and strong. Inspired by Artemis, the goddess of nature, this piece embodies the powerful essence of femininity.

The Artemis Necklace is an ideal gift for yourself or for the goddess in your life who embraces her connection with nature and her inner wild spirit.

kristen mara artemis necklace sterling silver and bronze handcrafted in new england


Aurora Necklace

Inspired by the Latin word for 'dawn,' the Aurora Necklace symbolizes fresh starts and continuous movement. Featuring concentric silver and bronze teardrop shapes, this necklace beautifully contrasts cool and warm tones, as well as filled and open spaces. A small circle detail on the chain adds a touch of resilience and growth. Perfect for an evening out, a casual weekend, or a day shopping with friends.

kristen mara aurora necklace


Mara Necklace

This signature necklace from the Mara collection celebrates the essence of womanhood and the inner goddess in every woman. Named after Mara, the protector of women and children, it embodies femininity with its unique mixed metal detailing and elegant double chain, making it an ideal gift for yourself, mom, sister or bestie.


Saturday Market Bangle 

Lovingly handcrafted, our Saturday Market bangle bracelet offers a touch of casual everyday elegance. This slim, boho-inspired bracelet makes a subtle statement on its own and layers beautifully for an added touch of charm. Stack together a bronze and a silver for a beautiful mixed metal color contrast.


Oval Balance Bracelets 

Crafted with a sleek design and an authentic handmade touch and light hammered finish, our oval Balance Bracelet is a timeless accessory that seamlessly enhances your wardrobe. Lightweight and contoured for an impeccable fit, this classic bracelet is versatile enough for everyday wear. Combine a bronze and a silver one or more and you’ve created a striking mixed metal accessory for any occasion from day to night.


The allure of mixed metal jewelry is a perfect metaphor for embracing the full spectrum of life's experiences from joyfulness to hardships and back again. Some say without the lows we wouldn’t appreciate the highs and at Kristen Mara we’re here with you for the entire journey. 

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