A look behind the scenes

Creating a Collection

Beltane is an ancient celebration of Spring at its zenith,
and the coming of summer.

Our newest collection of the same name is inspired by the eternal growth and renewal symbolized by this magical time of year.

We invite you to take a look at how a collection comes to life.

At the bench

Building designs with wire, castings, pliers, chain and beads.

drawing & designing

Each design begins with a drawing

clay & wax models

Kristen creates each original design by hand.

at the foundry: Wax pots

Our 2nd generation Providence-based casting team makes wax versions of Kristen's original designs.

at the foundry: Investment molds

Delicate wax models are surrounded with investment to prepare for the metal pour.

At the foundry: Metal pour

Molten silver, bronze or gold is poured to create our casts.


Casts are ground, tumbled, polished and sorted. Ready for creating beautiful designs!

photo shoots

Work hard-play hard sessions with talented photographers to capture the beauty of each design!

Thank you for talking a walk with us...

...to see how a collection comes to life.



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