Jewelry Care

Jewelry should be cared for and stored with attention and love. If desired, your pieces can be polished as needed with a treated jewelry polishing cloth to restore luster and shine. Sterling silver and bronze will tarnish, or oxidize, over time with exposure to air and humidity. You may slow the tarnishing process by storing pieces in a cool, dry place in an air-tight bag. Wearing your pieces also helps keep them shiny as they will naturally polish on clothing and contact.

Our sterling silver designs are made with oxidized sterling silver, which has been darkened to create depth and character.  Oxidized silver can be polished to shine, but the dark color will remain in recessed areas and is part of the unique character of your piece. Bronze, if not polished, will develop its own distinctive patina with time and can be quite beautiful, and part of what makes your piece a special treasure.

Please contact us with any other questions you may have about the care of your piece. Thank for for choosing Kristen Mara jewelry. We hope you enjoy it for many years to come.



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