5-Steps to Cleaning and Caring for your Silver and Bronze Jewelry

August 11, 2021

5-Steps to Cleaning and Caring for your Silver and Bronze Jewelry

For starters, just wear it! Yep. The best way to lessen the chances for tarnish is to wear your jewelry. The more you wear it, the happier it is. Your body’s natural body oils will keep your silver and bronze jewelry looking clean and fresh.

We know you’re busy living life, and sometimes you forget to take it off or rush out the door without even putting it on. We get it! Life happens, and your jewelry may darken or get dull over time. Do. Not. Stress. This darkening is natural oxidation, and it’s easy to remove with just a few easy steps:

  • Lightly Tarnished Pieces
  • Not just for your iced tea, using a slice of lemon will do the trick. Simply rub the lemon slice over your piece, rinse with water and air dry, or use a soft cloth. Lemons are magical!

  • Heavily Tarnished Pieces
  • Baking soda works like a boss. Make a paste with baking soda, lemon and water. Grab a clean toothbrush or other soft-bristled brush and apply your homemade paste to the piece until it returns to its original bright color. Rinse with water and dry. Anytime you use a brush on a necklace, take extra care with the chain. For sterling silver, you can also use toothpaste instead of baking soda paste.

  • Extremely Tarnished Pieces
  • This method works great on sterling silver, but only for pieces that don’t have any stones. You’ll need aluminum foil, baking soda, a soft-bristled brush, extremely hot water and a towel:

    • Line a bowl or baking dish with aluminum foil and place your tarnished jewelry inside.
    • Sprinkle the baking soda over your pieces and pour the hot water over the jewelry so that it’s completely submerged. 
    • Allow the baking soda to bubble for about 1-5 minutes, depending on how tarnished your pieces are.
    • When you see the jewelry start to brighten, rinse in cool water and air dry or use a soft cloth.
  • Quick and Easy Polishing Cloth
  • If you’re traveling and want a quick and easy way to clean your jewelry, tuck a treated polishing cloth in your bag. These cloths have safe jewelry cleaning chemicals embedded in them already. Plus, they’re portable and won’t scratch your pieces. They work great on both silver and bronze.

  • Take Extra Care with Patinas and Stones
  • If your jewelry incorporates a dark patina as part of the design, it’s best to use a treated polishing cloth instead of the baking soda paste to protect the blackened accents and details. Likewise, all semi-precious and precious stones should be handled with care. A treated polishing cloth is the safest cleaning method.

    Kristen Mara 5-steps to cleaning and caring for your Silver and Bronze Jewelry

    5-Ways to Keep your Silver and Bronze Jewelry Looking New!

    The very best thing you can do is to wear your jewelry! It’s true! Your natural body oils will keep your pieces shiny. But we know, sometimes you do need to take it off, so follow these guidelines to keep your jewelry fresh:

    1. Wait until after you’ve applied your lotions, makeup or perfume to lessen the effects of the chemicals interacting with your bronze or silver pieces.
    1. Avoid storing your jewelry in humid spaces like your bathroom. Humidity is one of the top factors causing tarnish.
    1. Store your jewelry in individual pouches to avoid scratches and tarnish.
    1. Shower your jewelry with TLC! A little common sense goes a long way. You’ve invested your money (and your heart) in your jewelry, so if you’re ever unsure, err on the side of caution. Take it off, or reach out to us at Kristen Mara Jewelry if you have any concerns. 

    2. Many experts say NEVER shower or swim with your jewelry on. We get it, but at Kristen Mara Jewelry, we’re all for just living your life. So if you remember to take it off, great. If not? No worries! Your jewelry is perfectly safe going in the ocean, pool or shower. Just refer back to the easy cleaning steps above.

    Have additional questions? We’re here to help! Contact us today!

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