6-Quick & Easy Jewelry Styling Tips: Get ready for Summer Fun!

June 23, 2021

6-Quick & Easy Jewelry Styling Tips: Get ready for Summer Fun!

Easy, carefree, unencumbered fun. Remember what summer felt like when you were a kid? 

It was all about how much fun and adventure you could pack into a day, with no worries about curfews or homework. 

Pool party? Yes please. 
Body-surfing in the ocean? Let’s go! 
Hiking to the waterfall? Count me in! 

When school was out and the days grew long, the weather was warm and right there in front of you were 10-weeks of lazy-no-schedule-do-whatever-you-want days. Remember?

That sweet summer feeling doesn’t need to go away just because you’re all grown up. Why should it? Summer is all about light, easy fun, and adventure. Beaches, barbecues and bonfires.

And your jewelry should be light, easy and fun too.

With these 6-quick & easy styling tips, you and your jewelry will be ready for anything this summer!

Pack your Suitcase for Versatility and Mix and Match Styling. 

If you’re packing for a fun-in-the-sun vacation, a mountain retreat or a Caribbean Cruise, you can easily select a few core pieces of jewelry for multiple looks without overthinking it. Because who wants to overthink in the summer?

Top picks: Aurora Necklace, Good Morning Necklace, Stockholm Bracelet, Circe Earrings and Eos Drop Earrings.

Lightweight Jewelry is a Breeze. 

As you peel off the layers of sweaters and jackets and slip into linens and crisp cottons, you’ll feel lighter and carefree. How great would it be to wear jewelry that vibes with that easy, relaxed feeling? Love the layered look? No problem. Styling is a breeze with multiple-length necklaces, varying sizes and textures. Everything works together beautifully and seamlessly.

Top picks: Iola Necklace, Ancient Crescent Necklace, Gaia Necklace, Talia Earrings and Everyday Goddess Earrings.

Show your Summer Skin some Love. 

Warm weather means sundresses, shorts, swimsuits, tank tops and bare skin! Your jewelry should feel smooth, silky and lightweight, not heavy and cumbersome. Think breezy and relaxed, like carefree summer days and no responsibilities. Recreate that easy, flowy mood with your jewelry.

Top picks: Saturday Market BangleRay Necklace, Talia Necklace, Ray Earrings and Rhea Earrings.

A Few Key Pieces of Jewelry is all you need. 

Weekend mountain cabin or beach cottage getaways can happen spontaneously, so plan to get the most out of three or four core pieces by mixing and matching. Pack jewelry that is interchangeable and all works together for simple, effortless styling. Then, when you get where you’re going, you’ll feel confident and relaxed, knowing you have everything you need to look beautifully put together.

Top picks: Brookside Necklace, Mara Necklace, Roman Bracelet, Indra Shimmer Earrings and High Desert Hoops.

Worry-Free Wearability. 

Jewelry that matches your lifestyle is a must, and swimming, hiking, antiquing or picnicking shouldn’t keep you from looking good. How great does it feel knowing your jewelry will look fabulous all day, no matter where you go or what you do.

Top picks: Rhea Necklace, Diana Necklace, Petite Talia Earrings and Ancient Crescent Earrings

Don’t Fear the Elements. 

Oops! Did you hop in the pool or the ocean wearing your necklace or earrings? Don’t panic. Nothing is going to damage your Kristen Mara jewelry. If you notice a spot of tarnish, no worries! Just hit them with a light polishing cloth and get back to the fun.

Top picks: Petite Talia Necklace, This Moment Necklace, Leptis Necklace, Petra Studs and Moon Drop Earrings.

Kristen Mara jewelry is designed for everyday wearability to fit effortlessly into YOUR lifestyle. So just put it on for easy all-day styling and don’t give it another thought. Just go have your adventure.

Shop the NEW Passage Collection for a fresh start to Summer!

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