Kristen Mara's Easy Springtime Looks featuring the new Beltane Collection

6-Refreshing Styles for Easy Springtime Looks

Have you noticed…

…the days feel brighter and more spacious
…the layers of winter are peeling off to reveal light and ease
…a renewed confidence is emerging!

There’s just something about Spring!

Growing and exploring. Positivity and resilience. Spring is a time to reimagine and renew. We have everything we need to manifest our dreams.

Spring is a time to shed what no longer serves you and lean into your authentic self and timeless beauty.

The longer days, warmer nights and lighter atmosphere means right now is the perfect time to refresh your accessories and wardrobe for work and play!

6-Refreshing Styles for Easy Springtime Looks

Elegantly Understated
Is there any combination more beautiful than understated elegance? We think not. It takes a strong, confident woman to be seen as both elegant and understated, all at the same time.

Kristen suggests the Beltane Necklace and mixed-metal Mara Earrings.


Tastefully Stand Out
You’re a confident, free-spirited woman, so standing out means something different now. We like to call it your signature style. Your tasteful choices make you stand apart from the masses... without even trying! ; )

Try these two of Kristen’s faves: the Amethyst Alchemy Earrings and our mixed metal Stockholm bracelet.


Not Too Dressy
Casual once equaled sloppy and frumpy, but not anymore. Feel and look put together without the formality. Whether you’re office-bound or tucking into brunch with your best girlfriends, the happy medium is stylish all-day comfort.

Kristen suggests the Awakened Light Necklace and mixed metal Beltane Dangle Earrings.


Feel Prettier
Trade the winter bulk for flowy sundresses, capri pants, cotton tees, and jean shorts. When you feel lighter, you’ll feel prettier. Effortless style enhances your natural beauty and makes you feel amazing.

Two of Kristen’s warmer weather faves: the Reflection Drop Earrings and Ray Necklace in bronze.


Easy to Wear
When your pieces all work together, getting out the door, and looking fabulous, means your day will flow with ease. Stock up on jewelry staples for easy mix-and-match style.

Kristen suggests the Alchemy Necklace in gold or silver, a stack of Saturday Market bangles in silver and bronze, and our Eos Drop Earrings.


Fussy is out; simplicity is in, not just with our wardrobe and jewelry but pretty much everything in our lives. The world is complex enough, so why not do the opposite?

Three of Kristen’s faves in the simplicity department are the Fawn Motif NecklaceGrace Earrings in silver and bronze, and the Victoria Necklace!


When it comes to your Springtime style, there’s only ONE rule… there are no rules! Kristen Mara is committed to bringing you distinctive and versatile pieces to refresh any look or outfit.


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