7 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Goddess this Spring

April 07, 2020

7 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Goddess this Spring

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and spring is officially here. I don’t know about you, but I love the fresh energy the new season brings.

Spiritually, spring symbolizes new beginnings, rebirth and renewal – a time to plant your seeds and start anew. And this year - more than ever – taking the time to bask in the season’s offerings will replenish and sustain you. Are you ready to soak up the magic of the new season?

Here are 7 simple ways to embrace your inner Goddess this spring!

1. Set Your Seasonal Intention: Intention setting doesn’t have to be reserved for the New Year. In fact, seasonal shifts are the perfect time to set an intention.

    Ask yourself, How do I want to feel this season? Energized? Connected? Creative? Once you’re clear on how you want to feel, take some time to set your intention. From there, you can “plant your seeds” and let the manifesting begin!

    2. Cleanse Your Space: Take spring cleaning to the next level by cleansing your home of clutter, getting rid of anything that’s no longer serving you.

      Once you clear things out, adorn your space with meaningful keepsakes – like crystals, a favorite affirmation card or a pretty succulent – bringing in the feminine energy you wish to attract. Consider creating a special “sacred space” in your home just for you to relax, meditate and tune into your body.

      Rhea Necklace

      3. Create a Full Moon Ritual: Did you know a woman’s cycle is typically 28 days, just like the moon? Women have been deeply connected to the moon for centuries – and this goes beyond those who are menstruating. In fact, menopause is a powerful time to connect more deeply to your spiritual self and the natural rhythms of the moon.

        Connect with your own feminine Goddess power by putting together a Full Moon Ritual – a wonderful way to let go of what is no longer serving you and open up space to receive. Here’s how you can create your own Full Moon Manifesting Ritual at home!

        Full moons this season include the Pink Moon on April 26th, Flower Moon on May 26th and Strawberry Moon on June 24th.  You can hold your full moon ritual within a few days of the actual full moon.

        4. Make a Flower Crown: Stemming from Ancient Greece, flower crowns have been seen donned by Goddesses for ages - often accompanied by other symbolic plants.

          Put on a flowy dress, collect some pretty flowers and complete your look with a handcrafted flower crown. Here’s a simple DIY guide to make your own! Hint: this would be the perfect accessory during your full moon ritual.

          5. Celebrate the Women in Your Life: One trait every Goddess possesses: their celebration of other women - including themselves. Embrace your inner Mara – Protector Goddess of Women – and take some time this season to celebrate the wonderful women in your life.

            Consider showing your appreciation with a sweet, little seasonal gift – like a fresh bouquet of flowers, seasonal recipe book or piece of jewelry from our new Mara Goddess Collection!  

            6. Connect with Nature: Connecting with Mother Earth can be extremely healing – especially during the springtime when the weather is nicer. Breathe in the energy of Terra – Goddess of the Earth – soaking up her grounding, nurturing vibes.
              You can tune into this energy by going on a hike, exercising that green thumb by spending time in your garden or simply enjoying an outdoor meditation in the grass.
              Kristen Mara Terra Bracelet

              7. Embrace Your Body: Goddesses truly embrace their body – as is – and you can too!

                Be kind to your body this season, and find ways to show her a little extra TLC. Perhaps that means moving through a gentle yoga flow, honoring all that your body does for you, or writing a love note for yourself on your mirror. You are absolutely beautiful…believe it!

                My Mara Collection is inspired by the Goddesses and made for you. Select a beautiful piece as a talisman to honor your Inner Goddess this spring!

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