8-Chic Ways to Mix and Match your Jewelry

September 22, 2021

8 ways to Mix and Match your Jewelry, a styling guide from Kristen Mara

Do you love your earrings to match your necklace to a T? 
High fives! That’s a great way to accessorize any outfit, plus there’s no guesswork because everything matches, so you’ll never go wrong. 

Or, do you prefer mixing and matching your pieces and are not a fan of being too matchy-matchy? 
You’re not alone! But maybe you’re a bit unsure how to mix and match, and you’re wondering where to begin. 

We’ve got you covered, as always, with the definitive guide to mixing and matching jewelry just for fashionistas like you!


1. Mixed Metals for the Win

Combine your favorite silver, bronze and gold pieces, head to toe. At one time, mixing metals was frowned upon, or a fashion faux pas, but not anymore! It’s becoming the latest fashion trend, making it easier than ever to design your signature style. Take a peek at the new Fall Edit 2021 full of mixed metal options. You can easily combine any of these necklaces and earrings for a pulled-together look.


2. Pick a Single Focal Piece. 

Do you have a favorite pair of earrings, or a necklace with stunning detail, or a beautifully flecked stone? Let that piece be the star of the show and build your cast of characters around it. A necklace, bracelet, or earrings that complement the focal piece without competing is ideal. 


3. Layer it UP!

Choose different length necklaces, short, medium, and long, then select a pair of earrings to match just one. Or, stack together an arm party of your favorite bracelets and find a necklace or pair of earrings with similar color, shape or overall vibe. Don’t hold back if you love to layer. At Kristen Mara, we think the more, the merrier.


4. Choose Similarly Shaped Pieces. 

Your pieces don’t have to match exactly, but you can combine all of your circle or teardrop-shaped pieces for a cohesive look. Check out the new Kristen Mara Fall Edit 2021. It’s perfect for mixing and matching because each piece shares a circle motif. You can combine any pair of earrings from the collection with any necklace and you’re all set!


5. Create Easy Balance

By combining varying sizes, shapes, colors and textures you can create a beautiful and distinctive balanced look. Want to wear a large statement necklace? No problem. Love the look of big earrings? Go for it! Then balance it out with smaller pieces so that you have just one prominent accessory.


6. Don’t Skip the Details.

Pair a necklace with plenty of interesting detail with simpler necklaces, earrings, and pieces with less detail. Or, combine a beaded chain necklace with one that has a smooth chain for visual interest.


7. Add some color!

Silver and gold are easily compatible but don’t hesitate to throw in a beaded bracelet or a pair of earrings with a shimmering gemstone. Pops of color are fun to play with and can help to pull an outfit together visually.


8. Focus on One Area of your Body. 

Piling on a bunch of pieces around your neck and your wrist might confuse your look. Instead, focus on layering just necklaces and match one simpler bracelet and earrings. Or do the reverse. Stack ‘em up for a fabulous wrist party and keep it simpler around the neckline.

We have just one rule at Kristen Mara… YOU make the rules! We’re all about effortless, personal expression, so if you’re confident in your style choices, you can be pretty sure the world will receive you with open arms. Trust yourself!

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