How Silver Ranch got its name: this picture tells the story...

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The story of my artistic journey is rooted in Libya and my family’s adventures while living there in my young childhood. The abandoned, ancient ruins of Roman cites, the desert we explored and the treasures we found there -Roman coins, arrowheads and petrified shells yielded up by the shifting sands - all shaped my preferences for simple forms and organic textures.

My memories of the Bedouin and Arab women with stacks of silver bracelets and blue tattoos sparked my fascination with personal adornment, and I still can hear the jingling sounds of silver and see their hoop earrings swaying and glinting in the sun.

While my nuclear family was globe trotting my extended family lived in the American west. Visiting my grandparents’ small ranch meant Grandpa’s scuffed brown cowboy boots and Grandma’s high heeled red ones. It also meant real sage brush, high blue skies, western saddles and best of all, horses. A horse-lovers dream!

Grandpa with Blaze and Peanuts

When I fell in love with jewelry making as an art form, it was really with the metal itself, silver. I chose 'Silver’ to honor both the material that inspired this creative business adventure, and my formative years as an artist: my tangible and vivid memories of the bejeweled desert women. I roped in ‘Ranch’ as a tribute to the frontier, cowboy lifestyle part of my heritage and my own still horse-crazy dreams of owning my own little herd someday.

So, how does the picture tell the story?

The boots I am wearing were my grandfathers (he is still a young 93). The rug you see - that graces my living room floor - is from Libya, one of the first that my parents bought during our years there.  And the bangles of course are one of my most popular designs and directly inspired by the beautiful women I remember from childhood. 

And that, my friends, is the story of Silver Ranch!

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March 04, 2016

Beautiful story Kristen! ?

H Clarke Romans
H Clarke Romans

March 03, 2016

Sounds like an exotic life story!

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