Creating a custom pendant

Creating a custom pendant

What does handmade really mean anyway? It means that someone's hands have cajoled a design into being: from idea to finished piece.

Every piece that goes into making my jewelry is created, held, supported, buffed, polished, grasped, twisted, turned, rearranged and placed by hand from start to finished piece of jewelry. 

Watch my hands creating a custom pendant for little Lola's mama, on the occasion of Lola's first birthday.  This is made from PMC which, as you can see, is worked like earthenware clay, fired in a kiln, and hand finished to produce a beautiful fine silver - 99% pure silver - piece. 

Enjoy the video, leave a comment below and be sure to head on over to our shop and see all of our handmade designs.

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  • Karen Drazen

    Great video and beautiful pendant!

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