Holiday Shopping Guide: Discover Your Jewelry Archetype

Holiday Shopping Guide: Discover Your Jewelry Archetype

Embracing your unique style and the transformative power of jewelry is magical. Join me as we embark on a journey to discover your personal Jewelry Archetype and find just the right piece for yourself ...or someone special on your gift list.

The Kristen Mara Holiday Shopping Guide celebrates your inner goddess and the magical beauty of the season. 

As a double bonus our Guide also takes the guesswork out of shopping because we’ve taken a unique approach.

Shopping for jewelry can be tricky. You know she loves earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, but jewelry is a personal gift, and how do you know she’ll love what you pick?

We’ve got you covered!

Read on and let our Archetypes reveal what suits her - or you - best.

Cultural Adventurer

Embrace the world's diverse cultures with jewelry that tells a story from around the globe.

The Elements necklace is a perfect balance of luscious yet understated style. The bronze and oxidized sterling silver charms are elegantly simple and make this necklace versatile enough to wear every single day. 

Unpredictably alluring, our Ancient Crescent Earrings are perfect for those moments when you want to feel at ease. Meticulously handcrafted and molded using the time-honored lost wax technique, these earrings offer a timeless and easy-to-wear design all season long.

Inspired by the hand-carved and sand-cast bangles of North Africa, the exceptional eco-conscious Roman Bangle is a tribute to the illustrious legacy of jewelry craftsmanship. Crafted to be a cherished heirloom, passed down through the generations.

Spiritual Goddess

Find inner peace and harmony with jewelry that reflects your spiritual journey and connection.

Experience easy elegance with our Serenity Earrings. These gracefully sculpted bar earrings in ancient bronze feature subtle angles and a gentle taper, serving as a timeless essential accessory that effortlessly complements your entire day.

The Iola Light Necklace celebrates the essence of change, fluidity, and growth. Its elegant teardrop shape, is a daily reminder of endless possibilities. A double chain adorned with gold beads adds an exquisite layering touch, making it perfect to elevate any outfit, from turtleneck sweaters to blouses and cotton tees. 

Elevate your journey with our sculpted and hammered Journey Cuff bracelet crafted from recycled sterling silver. This versatile piece is designed for comfort and ease and destined to become your signature accessory. Wear it solo for a minimalist touch or layered with your other beloved favorite bracelets.

Nature Lover 

Celebrate the beauty of the natural world with jewelry inspired by earth's elements and creatures.

Infused with love and crafted by hand, our Saturday Market Bangle bracelet exudes a casually elegant charm. This slim, boho-inspired piece makes the perfect minimalist statement when worn solo. Stack it with your other favorites to create your signature look. 

Embrace the essence of simplicity and elegance with our bronze curved disc Harmony Earrings adorned with a sterling silver circle accent. These earrings are destined to become your favorite everyday accessory, and a beautiful reminder of life's natural treasures.

Enjoy the lighthearted and rustic charm of our Spring Fawn Necklace, a unique piece that exudes an earthy and natural vibe. Wear it solo or layer it with your other cherished pieces, this simple beauty is your gateway to a one-of-a-kind boho style.

Classically Elegant

Elevate your style with timeless and refined jewelry that adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Our Road Less Traveled Hoops venture beyond the ordinary. Subtle surface texture enhances their enchanting beauty, making them the perfect addition to your sophisticated style. Whether you're stepping out in heels or suede booties, these earrings effortlessly elevate any outfit.

Elegantly elongated and a flawless complement to your favorite t-shirt and denim or your go-to work dress, our Callisto Necklace is absolutely delightful. Named after the enigmatic and ancient moon of Jupiter, Callisto, this piece shares its enduring and timeless qualities.

Your treasured signature bangle is right here! Streamline your style with the Eternity Bangle. The intricately hammered design embodies timeless elegance and is meticulously crafted with the utmost care. This beauty will be adored for a lifetime, making it an unforgettable gift.

Artistic Bohemian 

Express your free-spirited creativity with eclectic and vibrant jewelry pieces that reflect your artistic soul.

Green Amethyst symbolizes change, created by heating Amethyst, transforming the stone from purple to green. A champion for surviving the fire, intact, stronger, and more beautiful than ever our Green Amethyst Alchemy Earrings are a symbol of resilience, and strength. 

In honor of our Mara collection, the Mara Necklace beautifully encapsulates the essence of womanhood and the inner goddess that resides within every one of us. Representing the protector of women and children, Mara epitomizes the full spectrum of femininity. This necklace is a striking statement piece for any goddess.

Drawing inspiration from North African Berber jewelry, the Saharan Desert and the Mediterranean Sea, the Meridian Necklace is an enchanting and distinctly feminine creation. This long, everyday layering necklace is intricately hand-carved for a captivating touch.

Modern Minimalist

Embrace simplicity and contemporary design with sleek jewelry that complements your clean and refined aesthetic.

Graceful and alluring, the Talia Earrings are a symbol of fluidity and grace. Talia, signifying 'rain from heaven' or 'by the water,' mirrors your inherent capacity to adapt and flourish with joy and purpose. With their understated yet elegant design, these earrings are comfortable for all-day wear.

Welcome to the newest addition to your collection of artisan jewelry. Destined to become your favorite and most versatile accessory, the Stockholm Bracelet embodies a harmoniously balanced and elegantly simple design, ensuring effortless wearability.

Your magical journey unfolds as you find grace, transformation, purpose, and meaning, even in difficult moments. The Alchemy Necklace is part of your story. Distinctive enough to wear solo and versatile enough to layer with your other favorites. 

Uncover your personal Jewelry Archetype with the Kristen Mara Fall Shopping Guide, and find your perfect piece.

Discover Your Signature Jewelry & The Perfect Gift

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