Kristen Mara: Jewelry that fits your everyday adventurous lifestyle

Kristen Mara: Jewelry that fits your everyday adventurous lifestyle

You’re confident in your style. You are a minimal-fuss, maximum-style go-anywhere kind of woman. 

You want to feel and look amazing everywhere you go. A glance in the mirror, a little lip gloss, a loose, messy bun as you dart out the door, confident you’re ready for anything life has in store for you.

At Kristen Mara, our jewelry is made for adventurous souls like you!

We’ve designed our collections intentionally using silver and bronze, for their beauty and resilience. You’ll look incredible all day long, no matter what.

 Why silver and bronze?

  • Both materials contain a combination of metals that make them highly durable. They’re perfect for lightweight easy-to-wear jewelry. 
  • Sterling silver contains primarily silver but also copper, making it perfect for daily wear.
  • Our Bronze contains only copper and tin for lasting strength, durability and wearability.
  • Your bronze and silver jewelry will last a lifetime! Maybe longer! 

Women just like you are loving Kristen Mara AND living their biggest lives. But don’t take our word for it.

Our customer photos speak louder than words…

We wear Kristen Mara to the beach! 

You don’t have to leave it at home when you take a dip in the ocean. Kristen Mara is meant to wear. Sand, sea, or foam, you’ll feel confident that your jewelry will show up for all of it.


We wear Kristen Mara while cooking or gardening!

Are you cooking up a juicy feast for your summer picnic? Enjoying the quiet while you nurture your garden? No problem. Kristen Mara stays put and looks fantastic in the kitchen or the weeds!


We wear Kristen Mara when doing EVERYTHING with our best girlfriends.

Hanging with your besties for a night out on the town? Meeting your mom for brunch? Strolling the art galleries with your sister? Kristen Mara goes wherever you go with beauty and ease.

We wear Kristen Mara to work out! 

Did you forget to leave your Kristen Mara jewelry at home when you went to the gym or for a bike ride? Don’t panic, and don’t throw it in your gym bag. You can sweat all you want! Yoga or Jazzercise (Kristen's favorite!), we promise you’ll still look and feel amazing. And your jewelry is sweat-proof!


We wear Kristen Mara toasting to great adventures!

Our jewelry is made for fierce and powerful women like you. The sisterhood of Kristen Mara women makes the most of every day with confidence and ease. 

Kristen Mara is for women like you who don’t let fashion fuss keep them from the next adventure!

Find your next new favorite for your everyday adventures! SHOP BEST SELLERS.




A huge thank you to all of our customers who shared their beautiful photos! We encourage you to keep sharing with us via email or posting your pics to social media (please be sure to tag us too!). We love your gorgeous faces and your Kristen Mara jewelry stories. ❤️





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