Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Something Special for Everyone on Your List

April 29, 2020

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Something Special for Everyone on Your List

Mother’s Day is right around the corner – and I want to help you celebrate all the special moms in your life. What better way to show her just how much you care than with a piece of hand-crafted, meaningful jewelry?

To make it as simple as possible for you, I curated a Mother’s Day Collection of hand-selected jewelry for everyone on your list – from the new mom to the earthy mom. Happy Mother’s Day to you all…may you soak up all the love this year!


For the New Mom

Simple, efficient, and hassle-free, this jewelry is made for the new mom or mama-to-be. It’ll give her just the pop she needs to feel beautiful inside & out, while celebrating her new journey through motherhood.

See the Journey Cuff, Eternity Bangle, This Moment Necklace and Sunna Studs. Or, choose a curated Limited Edition Gift Set for the ultimate self pampering treat.

For the Earthy Mom

We all know and love this mama: she loves spending time in the garden, soaking up the sunshine and connecting with nature – and she’s a nurturer through and through. These earth-inspired pieces will complement her style perfectly!

See the Terra Bracelet, Equinox Earrings, Wildflower Necklace, Moon Drop Earrings.

For the Everyday Chic Mom

She’s casual, laid back and truly a girl’s girl. These everyday pieces will seamlessly take her throughout her day — from running errands to brunch with her girlfriends!

See the Soraya Earrings, Serenity Necklace, Serenity Earrings and Silverton Nuggets.

For the Goddess Mom 

These stunning pieces – many selected from the Mara collection – are for the mom who radiates goddess vibes. Call her wise-woman, young sage or just awesome, you know who she is. She exudes confidence wherever she goes, follows her dreams and makes it her work to uplift other women. 

See the Circe Earrings, Diana Necklace, Gaia Necklace and Everyday Goddess Earrings.

For the Simply Elegant Mom

We all know that mom who is always polished and dressed to impress — and this jewelry is made with her in mind! While she may not be able to attend her weekly ladies night out yet, she can feel stylish at home in the meantime with a new statement piece.

See the Brookside Necklace, Callisto Necklace, Good Morning Necklace and Ancient Crescent Earrings.

Want to gift that special mom in your life with her own shopping experience? Choose an e-gift card! You can purchase a special Mother’s Day edition gift card

Shop the Mother’s Day Curated Collection >


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