Kristen Mara's Necklace Layering Guide: 8 Easy Tips to get you Layering Like a Pro!

Necklace Layering Guide: 8 Easy Tips to get you Layering Like a Pro!

What once might have seemed like a fleeting trend is now a here-to-stay styling MUST. Do you ever peruse your favorite fashion magazines and wonder how they pull off the layered look and make it seem stylish and effortless? 

It’s easier than you might think to up your layering game, and with these tips, you’ll be styling like a pro too:

1. Variety is the spice of life (and layering) 

    One simple way to layer is to play with varying chain lengths, thicknesses, and sizes of pendants. You can easily create a natural layered look by adding a variety of sizes and textures with visual interest. Size matters!

    2. Fall in love with color! 

      Don’t be afraid to play with color. If you’re worried about overdoing it, trust your instincts. Explore mixed metal pieces for a touch of subtle color. When you feel confident, pair your Kristen Mara pieces with your other favorites that have stones. Our jewelry is designed to play well with others!

      3. Less is More 

        If you love a minimal chic look, less is more for layering. Combine your favorite dainty pieces to create a modern and stylish look without feeling weighed down or tacky. You’ll never feel overdone when you’re rocking a minimal look. Simple is beautiful too!

        4. More is More

          Love to make a BIG statement? We’re here for it! Try combining a shorter delicate necklace with a longer, heavier one for a captivating look. Contrasting sizes are fabulous to make a bold, edgy style statement. 

          5. Refresh your Old Favorites 

          Don’t forget about your old favorite pieces tucked away in your jewelry box. When layered with your new and fresh pieces, your once-loved jewelry is a beautiful way to create your signature look. 

          kristen mara mixed metal layering necklaces

          6. Get Creative 

          Layering possibilities are endless, and there’s no wrong way to do it if you love it! How many different looks can you come up with by swapping out one necklace for another. If you try something and it doesn’t work for you, try something else! There are NO limits, so just play! 

          7. Work from Top to Bottom

            Start with your shortest necklace and add longer chains as you go. Each necklace should be an inch or two longer than the previous one. If your longest necklace has a heavier feel, it visually frames the shorter pieces. Big win!

            8. Mix and Match 

              Have fun and just PLAY! Don’t be afraid to try different style chains, textures, or stones. Mixed metals are another great way to add visual interest to your layers. Love to combine bronze and silver? Go wild!

              BONUS TIP: Just keep going!

              How you go beyond layering necklaces is up to you! Once you’ve mastered your layering skills, you’ll see how effortless it is to add your other favorite accessories, like a stack of bracelets or earrings. Easy breezy!

              Your most important takeaway?

              You’re the designer, which also means you’re the boss! There is no layering police, and there’s no such thing as doing it wrong. If you don’t like a look you came up with, who cares! Start over. Unleash your creative juices, try a hundred combinations and just have FUN!

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