The Many Facets of Love

The Many Facets of Love

In honor of February, the month of love, we’re celebrating a few stories of romance, friendship and connection.

Romantic Love 

When Steve and I finally met at a Christmas party in 2019, his cousin Chris, also one of my closest friends, swears it was not a setup… “It just worked out that way.”

Chris and I have been friends for more than two decades, since our kids were babies and we’ve supported each other through the roller coaster ride of parenting, divorce and just everyday life. 

Many times over the years, Chris would share a story about “cousin Steve” which was usually followed by “you really need to meet him.” 

Still the timing was never right…

I was busy raising two kids,
he was on and off ‘the market’ or,
just life in general kept us apart. 

Even when we did eventually meet that Christmas night Steve was dating someone, and I was busy with my kids and business and mostly uninterested in dating. 

But that first night he made an impression. I remember thinking he was very handsome, charming and unassuming, especially for a guy who’s 6’5”. 

Later that year, after much arm twisting, Chris convinced me to check out a dating app to ‘just see’ who was out there. With some hesitation, I agreed. 

I swiped right, past the first photo and on to the second… and there was Steve, a 100% match! I just thought, wow, this is karma. 

We met for our first date about a month later, and Steve proposed just over a year after that. I am the only woman he’s ever proposed to, and I feel incredibly blessed.

Best Friends Forever... Toby and Valerie

We met in the courtyard behind our townhouses when we were five. And age seemed like the only thing we had in common... 

She was tall, with long dancer’s legs; I was short and pudgy. 

She had cats; we had a dog.

She was an only child; I had two sisters and a brother. 

Her skin was caramel brown, from her caucasian mother and African American father; I was white and Jewish.

But our differences never mattered to us. Valerie and I were inseparable from day one…

She loved coming to my house because she longed for the chaos of siblings. But I preferred to play at her house because my sisters and brother were annoying, and always interrupting our fun.

We did everything together… ballet lessons, vacations, amusement parks, sleepovers, guitar lessons, riding bikes, and playing with Barbies. We walked to and from school together, every day, sometimes dressed in identical outfits we’d picked out.

Valerie and I couldn’t have been more opposite, in nearly every way, but our classmates thought we were related, like cousins or something, because we were always together.

We’ve stayed in touch over the years, even though we’ve lived across the globe from each other for most of our adult lives. Valerie was my first true best friend, and we’ll always be connected by our shared childhood experience.

Another Kind of Love

Like some people who pour their love into baking or knitting, I pour my love into my jewelry designs. Each piece is made with a thoughtful intention to infuse more joy and love into everyday life.

When I hear from my customers how they celebrated a friendship or a loved one with a piece of jewelry, I know I’m on the right path.

Love and connection are what Kristen Mara is all about…

Just love the light weightless of my gold opal teardrop earrings. I don't even notice I have them on. I prefer a less overpowering and simple design. This earring has a lovely feminine feel without being too flashy.

Love the eclectic simplicity; so perfect for every day! Thank you, Kristen, for another beautiful, cherished piece of jewelry!

You’ve already made my life… and mom’s... better. And here you’re, doing the same again! Thank you!!

Beautiful! I had these on my wishlist for Christmas, and my husband got them for me. They are simply gorgeous and look even better in person. They are delicate in appearance and don't overwhelm, which is exactly what I was hoping for. They are perfectly feminine and very well-made. I love them.

Perfection! I’d been looking for a “wear everyday” necklace, and this is certainly the one. I pair it with the Spring Fawn Necklace, and they look so lovely together. I’m totally in love with this necklace!

Simple yet unique design. I love this bangle. The craftsmanship is beautiful, and it is so comfortable and versatile. It’s a simple yet unique design. The customer service is also excellent, and the story behind the jewelry is fascinating. This was my first Kristen Mara purchase but will not be my last.

Got a story to share?

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