Transitioning Your Jewelry from Summer to Fall

Transitioning Your Jewelry from Summer to Fall

As the vibrant hues of summer begin to melt into the rich and warm tones of autumn, now is the perfect time to reimagine your jewelry collection to seamlessly transition with the changing seasons. 

Our best-selling Kristen Mara pieces are just as stunning and versatile for fall, and all year long, as they were during the sun-soaked days of summer.

And of course, that’s great news for you!

Explore 7 fall-ready jewelry pieces to inspire you!

Brookside Necklace 

Inspired by the gentle flow of water over smooth pebbles, the Brookside Necklace embodies flexibility and adaptability – qualities that resonate well with the shift from summer to fall. Wear this beauty as a solo statement piece, or layer it for an intriguing look. We love subtle sophistication, and the Brookside Necklace is effortless and elegant. You can even wrap it around your wrist for a unique multi-strand bracelet or double it up for a shorter necklace. That’s what we call versatile!

Kristen-Mara-Transitioning Your Jewelry from Summer to Fall

Artemis Necklace 

Embrace the powerful blend of femininity and strength with the Artemis Necklace. A tribute to the goddess of nature and motherhood, this mixed-metal beauty captures the essence of the powerful feminine spirit. Its adjustable length means you can tailor the look to suit your outfit or your mood! The Artemis Necklace makes a meaningful gift for yourself or the strong woman in your life.

Kristen-Mara-Transitioning Your Jewelry from Summer to Fall

Wildflower Necklace 

Adorn yourself with nature's beauty when you wear our limited edition Wildflower Necklace. The exquisite brambling floral pattern, combined with a delicate gold fill chain and sterling silver bead accents, captures the elegance of fall's evolving landscapes. The Wildflower Necklace is the perfect foundation for layering with your other favorite necklaces, creating an effortlessly stylish look.

Kristen-Mara-Transitioning Your Jewelry from Summer to Fall

Eternal Sunshine Earrings 

Our Eternal Sunshine Earrings will remind you of the continuous journey of light and growth. With graduated hoops that sway with ease and grace, these beauties symbolize the eternal cycle of change. Whether you're at the office or enjoying a night out, our lightweight Eternal Sunshine Earrings effortlessly transition your style from day to night.

Kristen-Mara-Transitioning Your Jewelry from Summer to Fall
Ray Earrings 

Long and elegant, you can’t help but spread the warmth of sunshine with the Ray Earrings. They’re playful, lightweight, and bursting with style and personality. The 5-tier drop design adds a touch of joy and movement to any outfit. The Ray Earrings are a stunning choice for a black-tie formal event and casual everyday adventure. The occasion is always right for our Ray Earrings.

Kristen-Mara-Transitioning Your Jewelry from Summer to Fall

Equinox Earrings 

Our Equinox Earrings symbolize balance, flow, and transformation while mirroring the seasonal shift from summer to fall. Reflecting the interplay of light and dark, these earrings embody the energy of Earth's changing seasons. The Equinox earrings are a versatile length, and the simple details make them a natural choice for your everyday jewelry essentials.

Kristen-Mara-Transitioning Your Jewelry from Summer to Fall

Oval Balance Bracelet

Elevate your fall style confidently and effortlessly with the Oval Balance Bracelet. Its sleek design and authentic handmade feel complement any outfit, adding a touch of sophistication. Wear it solo, or stack it up with your other Kristen Mara faves. The Oval Balance Bracelet is a reminder to savor the simple, beautiful moments in everyday life

As you bid goodbye to summer and embrace the beauty of fall, remember that your Kristen Mara jewelry collection goes beyond essential accessories – it’s a reflection of your inner grace and strength, ready to accompany you through each season and every journey with joy and ease.

What is your favorite year-round Kristen Mara design? Leave us a comment below!


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