Mara Collection

The Mara Collection is named for the earth goddess Mara, the strong protector and nurturer who symbolizes the deep-rooted strength and grace of true femininity. Inspired by a challenging period from which I emerged transformed by the connections and love from my circle of real-life goddesses, this collection honors the divine energy in each of us.


Free Mara Goddess Mantra Card with each order, while supplies last.

Meridian Collection

The Meridian collection is inspired by ancient artifacts and my collection of Berber jewelry that my family collected during our travels into the Sahara desert, where I lived as a child. The soft organic lines of the silver work and sand cast pieces are a strong inspiration for my designs.

Totem Collection

The Totem Collection is inspired by my collection of Berber jewelry, my love of Japanese and elemental symbols and the power of words. Hand cast recycled bronze charms grace natural leather cord with self-tie sliding knots for an adjustable bracelet or 16"- 24"necklace. Each design comes with a keepsake card and inspirational quote. 

Elements Collection

Each piece in the Elements collection is named after an important part my life experience: a person I love who is forever woven into the fabric of who I am, a favorite place in the world (or universe) that has touched my soul, or a word or phrase that continually re-inspires me. As you shop the collection, be inspired! Reflect upon the essential elements in your life and choose a treasure to wear every day.