Setting Intentions: Kristen Mara brings you 10-Mindful Ways to Replenish and Recharge all Year Long!

Setting Intentions: 10-Mindful Ways to Replenish and Recharge all Year Long!

It feels like the entire universe goes into overdrive with goal setting, planning, and resolution-making in January. 

Be honest. Who makes it past February with resolutions still intact? Too often, we set unrealistic expectations, and when we don’t see results right away, we give up. Sound familiar?

How Can You Make This Year Different?

Setting realistic goals with bite-size steps is all you need to begin creating meaningful growth or change. Sounds easy enough. Or does it? 

After the holidays, you might need a minute to recover from the crazy pace and overindulging. And it probably doesn’t need to be said, but when you add in a global pandemic, every emotion feels heightened.

It’s important not to stress about “having to” meet this deadline or that goal. Who needs that kind of pressure, right?

Instead, take small, consistent steps to feel healthier, replenished, and recharged. The keyword here is consistency. Keep reading for more juicy ways to kick some booty this year!

10-Mindful Ways to Replenish, Recharge and Refocus in 2022

Intentional Eating and Meal Planning 

This is a recurring theme for so many people. Often it’s tied to weight loss, but not always. Sometimes it’s to feel healthier and have more energy. For starters: 

  • Clean out your fridge and empty it of all the junk food, processed foods, moldy foods (duh), and fried leftovers.
  • Restock and refill your fridge with fresh fruits and veggies and convenient frozen alternatives to eating out.
  • Challenge yourself to try new recipes and experiment with exciting spices and ingredients.
  • Kristen’s fave: My power tool for simple food prep in the kitchen is my slow cooker. I like to throw in a whole (yes, whole) butternut squash to make a base for a meal or soup. Easy, healthy and YUMMY!

Health and Fitness 

Fitness goals are often at the top of the resolution list. There are few excuses not to work out with online options such as BeachBody, Open Fit, and even free classes on YouTube:

  • If you prefer going to an actual gym, most places have special deals right now. Finding something close to home or work is essential for consistency. 
  • Schedule time to play with your kids or furbabies because that’s exercise too. 
  • Take a 15-minute walk outside. Any extra movement over what you’re already doing is a win and adds up over time.
  • Kristen’s fave: Jazzercise! It’s been around for 50 years and it works! Oh, and did you know I used to be an instructor?

Expand Your Mind

Make this the year you learn something new, unrelated to your work or business:

  • Check out online courses through Coursera or Masterclass
  • Learn to play an instrument, make sushi, or paint with watercolors, because why not?
  • Just enjoy the learning process. Go all-in with a child’s mindset and no expectations of the outcome. 
  • Kristen says: I’ve decided I want to learn to crochet. Does this make me officially old? I’m okay with that! ;)

Read More

Books, magazines or ebooks, what’s your preference? If you love to read, there are more options available today than ever before:

  • Go old school and visit your local library (yay, save a library)!
  • Sign up for a reading challenge through Goodreads
  • Start or join an online book club to combine socializing with reading and find new friends who share your interests.
  • Kristen’s fave: My #1 absolute favorite thing to do (besides design and make jewelry of course) is lie on the couch, or the hammock in summer, and read!

Career Growth

Have you wanted to take the next step in your career or maybe start your own business? This might feel too big or overwhelming so start by breaking it down into bite-sized tasks: 

  • Hire a business coach to get an objective view of your vision or goals.
  • Schedule a meeting with your boss to have that initial conversation about opportunities within your company.
  • Take a class or get the certification you need to feel prepared for the next steps.
  • Kristen’s note: Think small steps don’t add up? They do! It took 15 years but Kristen Mara is now my full time job - a viable business built one small step at a time!

Fashion and Beauty 

Working remotely may have felt like permission to let ourselves go a bit. No judgment here! But working from home doesn’t have to equal grunge (this made me LOL !) unless that’s the look you're going for! Instead:

  • Assess your closet and donate anything you don’t love or that doesn’t fit or feel like “you.”
  • Toss your old makeup and splurge on some fresh new products.
  • Schedule an appointment to color or cut your hair. Or go wild and do both!
  • Instead of saving your favorite jewelry for a special occasion, take it out and wear it just because it makes you feel amazing.
  • Kristen’s note:  I’ve got an appointment for this weekend to get my hair trimmed and touched up and I can’t wait. Who’s joining me? Sisters in beauty 👊

Have More Fun with Friends

Want to expand your social circle this year? The options online and in-person are endless:

  • Join a running club, wine-tasting group, or mom’s meetup. 
  • Don’t wait for the weather or the pandemic to go away. Make plans to meet outdoors for a hike.
  • Host a virtual happy hour or cooking class for your besties.
  • Kristen’s fun fact: I joined a mommy-and-me group 20 years ago when my son was a baby, and our core group still gathers for parties and events.

Financial Planning 

Are you dreaming of a new car, a new home, or a child’s college education? Make it a reality:

  • Hire a CFP and make a plan to get there. 
  • Read Profit First, or You’re a Badass at Making Money to learn more, but not to replace the expertise of a professional. 
  • Make a vision board to remind you of what you’re saving for.
  • Kristen’s note: I like using Pinterest to create a digital vision board. Are you a Pinterest fan too (and are you following Kristen Mara over there)?

Travel More 

Does that Hawaii trip feel slightly out of reach right now? Don’t bid it aloha just yet. Where you are now is not where you’ll be forever: 

  • Start planning, including how you’re going to fund your trip. 
  • Explore shorter overnights or day trips close to home to scratch that travel itch. 
  • Indulge yourself in dreaming and researching. That’s half the fun!
  • Order the brochures, watch the travel channel, learn a language, cook the ethnic foods and bring that vacation closer to home.
  • Kristen’s thoughts: I’m already making up for lost travel time and have plans for at least 2 vacations in 2022 (not including my honeymoon!)

Practice a Healthy Mindset 

Because a healthy mindset leads to everything else positive in our lives, start a daily practice of staying present and positive. 

  • Set clear boundaries and practice saying no when it’s warranted. 
  • Put away your phone and read a book or write in a journal instead. 
  • Give yourself some grace when you stumble and simply start fresh tomorrow.
  • Kristen’s fave: I write uplifting quotes and thoughts on sticky notes and keep them at my desk or stash them in my pocket so I can refer back to them as needed.


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How do you plan to replenish and recharge in 2022? Leave a comment below! 



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