Bracelets 101: Your complete guide to styling, sizing, and stacking!

Bracelets 101: Your complete guide to styling, sizing, and stacking!

At Kristen Mara, we celebrate your unique power to confidently rock your style, no matter the occasion. True self-assurance comes from trusting your personal style choices, and we aim to make your choices easy and effortless.

Let your signature style shine through with these four essential bracelet styles!

Bangle Bracelets: Make a statement!

Eternity Bangle

Discover your favorite signature bangle! Wear it solo or with your other favorite bangles. Beautifully hammered, our Eternity Bangle is elegantly crafted and designed to be cherished forever. 

NEW! Now available in 4 sizes: XS, S, M, L

Roman Bangle 

Inspired by North African bangles, this eco-conscious design pays homage to the rich history of jewelry and embellishments. Our Roman Bangle is meant to be worn and loved for many generations. 

Men’s Explore Bangle

He’ll amplify his style when he wears our Men’s Explore Bangle solo or stacked beside his treasured collection of bracelets. Our carefully crafted hammered bangle is designed for his adventurous journey.


Cuff Bracelets: Perfect for Him or Her!

Mackinnon Cuff

Embrace the enduring ruggedness of the Scottish highlands with our men's cuff bracelet. It exudes a robust, organic vibe inspired by traditional sand casting methods. Distinctive, fabulous, and effortlessly simple.

Abundance Cuff

Discover our best-selling men's cuff, hand-cast in reclaimed bronze. Sculpted with carved planes for a comfortable fit, our Abundance features a rugged, warm-toned satin finish, perfect for the adventurous man.

The Journey Cuff

Our women's hammered Journey Cuff bracelet in recycled sterling silver is a perfect companion for every adventure! Comfortable and versatile, wear this cuff solo for a minimalist look, or layer it with your other favorites.


Linked Bracelets: Versatile and Timeless

Fiesta Bracelet

Indulge in the luxurious charm of our sterling silver gypsy-style bracelet. With two chain styles and 15 sculpted silver nuggets, our Fiesta Bracelet is sophisticated and playful at the same time.

Stockholm Bracelet

Discover the perfect addition to your artisan jewelry collection - our coveted Stockholm Bracelet. This elegantly simple piece will quickly become your favorite with its bold yet soft and effortlessly wearable design.

Terra Bracelet

Symbolizing Mother Earth, this stylish half-bronze, half-silver Terra Bracelet embodies grounding, nurturing energy. Perfect for nature lovers, it makes an ideal gift for the earthy goddess in your life.


Wrap Bracelets: Casual and Trendy!

Adjustable length leather wrap bracelets can also be worn as a necklace, making these boho beauties perfectly versatile and ideal for layering. 

Featuring your choice of charm…. 
Singing Raindrop, Sacred Circle, Berber-inspired Fish, Gazelle or Flower and more.


With endless ways to stack and style, we’ll never get our fill of bracelets! For more sizing, styling, and bracelet history, check the our blog post:
Bracelets are Here to Stay: Why we love them More than Ever!

More Bracelet Resources

Check out our in-depth GUIDE to finding the perfect bracelet fit.

Ready to measure for your bangle, cuff, or bracelet size? Grab our downloadable Bracelet & Cuff Size Guide.


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