Bracelets are Here to Stay: Why we LOVE them more than ever!

Bracelets are Here to Stay: Why we LOVE them more than ever!

But first, a little history lesson (no yawning)!

Historians long believed the Egyptians invented the bracelet, most commonly made from wood, bone, or stone. But in 2008, a collection of jewelry was discovered in the Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains of Siberia. Among the treasures was a green stone bracelet dating back 40,000 years! Can you imagine?!

Over the centuries, bracelets have been worn to: 

  • Guard against evil spirits 
  • Protect us from the harsh sun and heat
  • Represent our marital status
  • Encourage frigid winter to turn to spring (move over Puncsatawny Phil)

With such a rich and colorful history, it’s no surprise that we still love wearing bracelets today, some 40,000 years later. And you can be sure there’s a bracelet style to match every taste!

Keep reading for our Kristen Mara Love-to-Wear Everyday Bracelet Guide:

Size Matters! 

While bracelets are more forgiving than, say, a ring, you’ll enjoy yours even more when you find just the right size for you. 

Too tight, and your bracelet might be uncomfortable. Too loose, and your bracelet may get in the way of everyday activities, or worse, it could fall off! No Bueno! 

Check out our in-depth Guide to finding the perfect bracelet fit.

Ready to measure for your bangle, cuff or bracelet size? Grab our downloadable Bracelet & Cuff Size Guide.

Bracelet Stacking 101!

The only rules around stacking are, you guessed it, there are NO rules! Just like with layering necklaces, start with what you love and add from there! 

If your favorite everyday never-take-it-off bracelet is a bangle, like our bronze Eternity Bangle, when you wake up tomorrow, stack on the Stockholm Bracelet in silver and bronze.

Mixing metals, styles, and textures is how you flaunt YOUR personality. So go for it!

And we already know how much you LOVE Kristen Mara, but our feelings won’t be hurt when you pair our bracelets with your other favorites. When it comes to an arm party, the more the merrier! Our Journey Cuff is SO versatile; it goes with pretty much anything.

When Less is More!

If stacking is not your jam, you can still join the party. The Kristen Mara Vista Cuff  in bronze or silver (or both) is lightweight but perfectly suited to go solo! 

Our mixed metal Terra Bracelet in bronze and silver has more than enough detail and style to go it alone. It’s playful, earthy, and matches all of your other pieces!

Men LOVE Bracelets too!

It’s true! Plus, our men’s bracelets make great gifts. Our male clients love the rustic, solid look and feel of our Explorer Bracelet and Brooklyn Metro Cuff. And if your guy likes to rock a substantial piece of jewelry, he’s going to love our MacKinnon Cuff in bronze or silver. There’s just something about a man in masculine jewelry, dontcha think?

Bracelets are Here to Stay!

You don’t need us to convince you that after 40,000 years, bracelets are here to stay! They’re an effortless way to show your style and personality. Let your creativity run wild with stacking, mixing metals, and pairing with the other bracelets in your collection. 

Bonus reason to join the fun (as if you needed any more convincing)! Bracelets never go out of style! Once you find the right size for you, they’ll always fit!

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