Kristen Mara’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Kristen Mara’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Take the guesswork out of shopping for her!

Shopping for jewelry can be tricky. You know she loves earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, but jewelry is a personal gift, and how do you know she’ll love what you pick?

How amazing would it feel choosing that special piece she’ll cherish and wear over and over? We’ve got you covered!

In this Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, we’ve taken a unique approach to eliminating the guesswork from jewelry shopping.

You know her personality better than anyone, so we've curated the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide so that you can stop guessing and get her exactly what she’ll love, according to her personality.

Ready? Keep reading to discover the perfect jewelry for her!

Kristen Mara Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Gaia Necklace Silver Bronze

She’s BOLD:

Unafraid to show up as her authentic self, she’ll take the risk for the deepest rewards. She’ll love…

Meridian Necklace
Inspired by North African Berber jewelry, the Meridian Necklace represents resilience and femininity. We love this beauty for layering with your other favorite pieces or wearing solo!

Gaia Necklace
Feel the energy radiating from our Gaia Necklace, inspired by the Greek goddess Gaia, as a reminder of her strength and power. This longer necklace, in Silver or Bronze, is versatile enough to layer with her favorite pieces!

Ancient Crescent Earrings
Our beautifully spontaneous crescent earrings match her easy confidence. The simple, versatile design in Silver or Bronze means she’ll love and wear these earrings over and over. 

Sunrise Earrings
Every sunrise promises a new day, and our Sunrise Earring shine a warm light on her! Available in Silver and Bronze. For a similar look, check out the Everyday Goddess Earrings or the EOS Drop Earrings.

Kristen Mara’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


Deeply connected to her energy, she manifests love and light every day. She’ll love…

Victoria Earrings
Inspired by the ancient goddess of victory, the Victoria earrings symbolize feminine power. For the intuitive goddess, these versatile beauties easily go from day to night. Available in Silver and Bronze. She might also love the Victoria Necklace

Awakened Light Necklace
Celebrate new beginnings! The Awakened Light Necklace is an effortless union of bronze and silver. Open and light, this necklace is perfect on its own or paired and layered with her other necklaces.

Alchemy Necklace
She finds grace and transformation in difficult moments and still looks effortlessly beautiful. The Alchemy Necklace has a delicate vibe, perfect for any occasion. Available in Silver or Gold Fill. For a similar look, check out the Ray Necklace.

Eternity Bangle
Simply elegant and handcrafted with love, the Eternity Bangle is an everyday favorite available in Silver and Bronze. She can wear it solo or with her other favorite bracelets, like the Vista Cuff

Kristen Mara’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


Unwavering and beautiful, she knows her worth. She’ll love…

Talia Earrings
Graceful and beautiful, the Talia earrings are ready for anything. Talia, meaning ‘rain from heaven,’ symbolizes her endless joy. Perfectly elegant for the resilient woman in your life. Available in Silver and Bronze.

Mara Necklace
Mara is the fierce protector of women and children. She cherishes her sisters and inspires confidence and femininity. With unique detailing and a double chain, the Mara necklace is a stunning statement piece she’ll love every day.

Shine On Necklace
With confidence comes effortless style, and the Shine On Necklace is exactly that. Meticulously handcrafted with subtle details, she’ll reach for this versatile necklace every day! Perfect for layering or wearing it solo. Available in Silver and Bronze.

Stockholm Bracelet
Her one must-have bracelet! The Stockholm Bracelet is bold and easy to wear. It’s got everything she loves… silver, bronze, and elegance. She’ll have fun stacking this piece with her other favorite bracelets, but it’s also perfect on its own. 

Kristen Mara’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


Lighthearted and easygoing, she lights up a room with her vibe. She’ll love…

Indra Shimmer Earrings
Indra, the warrior goddess of rain and sky, inspires everyone to live their best, most abundant lives. The Indra Shimmer Earrings are perfect for the woman in your life who brings joy to many others with her beautiful presence.

Eternal Sunshine Earrings
Light and easy, the Eternal Sunshine earrings dance playfully, reminding her of her deep curiosity and zest for life. Feel confident she’ll make a statement wherever she goes and will wear these earrings over and over!

Iola Light Necklace
The Iola Light Necklace is the perfect gift for a woman who celebrates life, transformation, and growth. The distinctive double chain dotted with gold beads creates a stunning layered effect. It’ll be her favorite all-day necklace, taking her from casual to cocktail party.

Fiesta Bracelet
Is she a free spirit? We thought so! The Fiesta Bracelet was made just for her. This sterling silver charm-style bracelet has a fun gypsy vibe! Perfect on its own or paired with her other favorites like the Saturday Market Bangle.

Kristen Mara’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


Curious about life, she’s always up for anything! She’ll love…

Rhea Earrings 
Our playful, feminine earrings embody the peaceful energy of water. Inspired by Rhea, the goddess of female fertility and motherhood, the Rhea Earrings are a perfect treat for a new or expectant mom. Available in Silver and Bronze.

Ballard Hoops
She’ll love the effortless style of our versatile Ballard Hoops. Easy to grab and go, they’ll look fabulous no matter the adventure. Crafted with a rustic aesthetic for a casual look. Available in Silver and Bronze.

Spring Fawn Motif Necklace
What could be more perfect for the adventurous woman than our Spring Fawn Motif Necklace? With a unique, rustic, and earthy vibe, this beauty is made with a beautiful boho style. Available in Silver and Bronze.

Roman Bangle
Inspired by North African hand-carved bangles, this bracelet honors the rich history of jewelry making. Made to be loved for a lifetime and passed down to future generations, our Roman Bangle will hold up to all of life’s grand adventures! Available in Silver and Bronze.

Kristen Mara’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


She views the world with a imaginative mind and romantic heart. She’ll love…

Wildflower Earrings
Our Wildflower Earrings feature a delicate embossed floral pattern and long elegant silhouette. She'll reach for these boho beauties day after day. Available in Silver and Bronze. If she loves a matching set, add the Wildflower Necklace.

Green Amethyst Alchemy Earrings
Like a sunset walk along a sandy beach, our fun and flirty Green Amethyst Alchemy earrings have a sweet and romantic vibe. Dancing and playful, they ebb and flow like the tide from dusk to dawn.

Grace Necklace
The Grace Necklace is our take on the classic disc pendant, and she’ll wear it next to her heart always. It's made for the woman who brings out the best in you and everyone around her. Available in Silver and Bronze.

The Journey Cuff
Comfortable and easy to wear, the Journey cuff will quickly become her favorite everyday piece. She’ll love wearing it solo or layered with her other favorite bracelets. She'll remember your sweet love every time she glances at her wrist. Available in Silver and Bronze.

Kristen Mara’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Especially for him

Because men love jewelry too! Whether he’s rugged, classy, or a self-professed bookworm, your guy will love our…

MacKinnon Cuff Bracelet
Robust and organic, he’ll love wearing this simple and luxurious piece. Crafted using traditional sand casting to create a rustic and masculine look. Available in Silver and Bronze.

Abundance Cuff Bracelet
The perfect gift for the adventurous guy in your life. Our best-selling men's cuff is hand cast in reclaimed bronze for a rugged look. The warmth of the bronze and satin finish will make this his go-to everyday accessory. 

We hope our
Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide helps you select a gift she, or he, will love! 

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  • Anastacia

    I love this gift guide, Kristen!! I think I’ll suggest that my husband come peep the guide and ask him to choose a pair of earrings in whichever category he thinks I’ve most embodied this year. Fun!!! :)

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