Wearing Jewelry to Elevate your Mood and Focus your Intention

Wearing Jewelry to Elevate your Mood and Focus your Intention

You’re a jewelry lover, no big surprise! If you’re anything like me, you love the feeling of layering your necklaces, stacking bracelets, or choosing just the right pair of earrings.

But how do you select the jewelry you wear?  

  • To embellish your outfit?  
  • To enhance your mood? 
  • To elevate your daily intention? 

I do all of the above and I know I’m not alone…

“When I wake up in the morning, I decide which Kristen Mara piece from my collection I want to wear that day, depending on my mood and intention.” 

This recent comment from one of my most loyal customers got me thinking about the power of jewelry, which pieces we choose to wear each day, and why.

What if, instead of wearing jewelry only as embellishment, we were more intentional about choosing pieces to help us feel confident or empowered? Or to match our mood or purpose?

How to infuse intention and purpose into your everyday jewelry choices:

  • Jewelry can be a reminder of your connection to the universe. 
  • The perfect necklace can amplify your energy and boost confidence. 
  • That special pair of earrings might encourage strength and empowerment. 
  • Many intuitive healers believe gemstones can provide profound transformations. 
  • Choose silver to promote strength, clarity, and focus.
  • Layer bronze to support spiritual growth and courage.

At Kristen Mara, we believe that choosing your jewelry based on thoughtful intention can be empowering and instrumental to improving your mindset or elevating your mood.

Long before we existed, jewelry has been a symbol of power and used for more than just adornment…

  • Many cultures believed in spiritual jewelry as a way to celebrate the body and transcend into the energy of the universe. 
  • Most religions have a symbolic piece of jewelry to offer protection against evil such as the Fatima Hand, or to identify one’s faith, such as the cross, the star of David, the lotus flower, or the Buddha.
  • Ancient Egyptians believed the more jewelry they wore, the more appealing they would be to the gods. In many ancient cultures, jewelry was used to ward off evil or to pay dowries. 

And consider the more utilitarian uses for jewelry as in ancient Rome where the broach was used to secure loosely flowing clothing and the Italians created large pendants to store perfume. 

How we view and wear jewelry today has evolved over the centuries. Where jewelry once solved a specific purpose, now it’s primarily about adornment and symbolizing marriage, spiritual beliefs, and status.

But it's becoming more common every day that we choose our jewelry with intention and for a deeper meaning.

Wear Jewelry that Makes you Feel Brave and Confident

At Kristen Mara, we’re all about empowering you to look your best, be true to yourself, and feel amazing in your own skin. The trifecta!

We design our pieces with simple, elegant details to match pretty much everything in your closet. But we also want to support you with your intention to feel more spiritual, centered, and empowered through the jewelry you choose to wear each day!

Jewelry for Power and Success

Our Victoria Earrings are a reminder to embrace the powerful goddess energy that’s already within you. Inspired by the ancient goddess of victory, proudly wear these as a symbol of feminine power and success. 

We love the Victoria Necklace for you or the goddess in your life who loves goal-setting, is starting a new career path, or needs to remind herself that she can in fact overcome any obstacle that gets in her way.

Jewelry for Peace and Abundance

Our Full Moon Earrings capture the energy of the full moon to help you release any obstacles that no longer serve you, and bring you to a state of peace and balance. 

Find beauty and strength when you wear our Indra Shimmer Earrings. Indra is the warrior god of rain and sky and she embodies the innate ability to attract rich abundance and realize her ultimate potential. 

Jewelry for Purpose and Intention

Our Alchemy Necklace will accompany you on your magical journey as you find grace and transformation, purpose, and meaning even in difficult moments.

The Peaceful Intention Necklace is perfect when words aren’t enough. Just utter your intention and believe it to be true, and watch the universe reward you with inner peace and beauty.

Are you Feeling Inspired?

We’d love to know if you’re inspired to think differently about the jewelry you put on each day!

As you slide that necklace over your head or reach for a favorite pair of earrings, how do you want to feel? What is your purpose or intention?

Let us know! Leave us a comment below or share your experience (and a pic) with intentional jewelry with us on social media! 



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    Since you indicated that jewelry may serve as a reminder of your connection to the cosmos, I really appreciate that. You even said that the ideal necklace might increase your vitality and confidence and that the ideal pair of earrings may provide empowerment and strength, and I agree. Given this, I believe it is only fitting that I treat myself to some fine customized jewelry for my birthday the following week. I know I deserve one because I’ve worked so hard for it, and one that will make me happy.


  • Karen Foley

    My late mother’s aunt recently died at age 96. She and my mother were like sisters when they were young. They were Greek Orthodox, and when someone dies, they say, “May her memory be eternal.” I wore my bronze Eternity Bracelet to the funeral not only because it matched my gold cross and earrings, but because it helped me feel connected to them as well as to my grandparents and other family who are no longer with us.

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