Petite Talia Earrings | Bronze

Wear these graceful and delicate earrings as a symbol of ease and flow. Talia, meaning ‘rain from heaven’ or ‘by the water,’ represents your innate ability to adapt and evolve with joy and intention. With simple yet elegant detail, these earrings are easy to wear all day.

The Petite Talia earrings are the perfect gift for yourself or the resilient woman courageously defining - or redefining! - where she fits in the world. 

    - Length: 1"
    - Sterling silver posts
    - Hand cast hammered finish bronze

Also pictured: Silver Petite Talia Earrings.

    Arrives in our gift-ready Kristen Mara tarnish-resistant flannel jewelry bag.

    Made to order. Please allow 3 to 4 business days for your earrings to be made and shipped.


    Comprised of two powerful motifs, open teardrops and solid circles, the Passage Collection is an exploration of continuity and growth, steadiness and resilience. Each shape was hand formed with sculptor's clay, then captured forever in the enduring medium of metal. Beauty in motion, steadfast nurturing love and new beginnings.

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